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2.2.3 (10 Jul 2024)

  • Fix the broken links to kurloo documentation site.
  • Fix the battery level alerting issues including history is not displayed in the Alert details page.
  • Fix edited raw data not shown in the statistical analysis tab due to the failure to look up available reference data.

2.2.2 (02 Jul 2024)

  • Fix the page refresh after failing with the two factor authentication.

2.2.1 (01 Jul 2024)

  • Update the V1.3.0 release notes.
  • Fix the announcement modal failing to hide within the determined amount of time when clicking the dismiss button.
  • Ensure that the coordinates stored for the weather service are always in two decimal places.
  • Fix the issue of creating full reading datasets.

28 Jun 2024

  • Resolve incorrect condition of showing moving average in the Statistical Analysis Chart.

21 Jun 2024

  • Fix TypeError occurred while accessing device tab under the sensors page.
  • Fix TypeError occurred when a sensor does not have any reading.
  • Fix TypeError occurred while accessing user dropdown.

06 Jun 2024

  • Fix incorrect name of disabled sensors showing in the item list while creating/editing the analyais
  • Fix auo report on demand failed to process

31 May 2024

  • Show the latest position of sensors instead of the initial position on the map.

14 May 2024

  • Fixed incoorect status of sensor markers in the map.

13 May 2024

  • Fixed an issue of selecting date range under the Sensor Environment & Network tab.

08 May 2024

  • Fixed issue where the datetime picker displayed as empty when editing existing data adjustments.

07 May 2024

  • Fix Analysis data out of sync

03 May 2024

  • Support days of enabled option in multi-session per day.

09 Apr 2024

  • Fix account users were added to the wrong account after adding them to a newly created account.

14 Feb 2024

  • Fixed issue of removing users from the account did not remove them from projects.

19 Jan 2024

  • Fixed issue of data fields missing in all the tables while rendering.

18 Jan 2024

  • Prevent data of the alert rules from being overwritten while editing the alert.

11 Jan 2024

  • Project admins were not able to remove project users

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